• HTMS Library Policies

    Checking Out

    Students may check out up to three books or items at one time, and may check these items out for a period of three weeks. Exceptions to this rule can be made, especially if a student is checking out digital kits that require multiple items or if special arrangements with Mrs. Brockman have been made. 

    Digital Item Check Out

    Students may check out one ditigital kit or Chromebook at a time for a period of three days. 

    Checkout of Young Adult Materials

    During online registration, parents are given the opportunity to approve or deny their student permission to check out items marked as Young Adult in the Hewitt Trussville Middle School Library. Our library contains items written for middle school and young adult readers.  Books with Young Adult content are typically longer, have more complex themes, and may contain more mature content and language.  Young Adult items may also be checked out on a case by case basis for students without permission, at the discretion of the parent. In these cases, written permission for the item must be provided.


    If a desired item is checked out by another patron, students may digitally reserve the item by logging in to the library automated system with their lunch number and reserving the item.  Items are checked out to students in the order that the students reserve the items. 


    Students may renew items to keep them an additional check out period of time if no other students have reserved the items. 

    eMail Notifications

    Parents will recieve email notifications to the primary email provided during online registration. The automated library system will automatically send a notice three days before an item is due, and then will provide overdue notices after an item has accrued a fine or has been marked lost. 

    Homeroom Teacher Notifications

    Overdue item lists are sent to students' homeroom teachers on a monthly basis.  Teachers are requested to notify students whose names appear on these lists and to send them to the library to touch base about the item(s).  

    Overdue Items and Fines Policy

    If an item becomes overdue, it enters the 5 day grace period, where students can turn in or renew the item with no overdue fines.  After the grace period, the automated library system applies a fine of $.10 per day per item.  Overdue items and fines must be addressed before additional checkouts can occur.

    Lost and Damaged Items

    Items are automatically marked lost 60 school days after the item due date or when a student indicates that the item has been lost or damaged.  At the point an item is marked lost, the library automated system applies a fee in the amount of the replacement cost of the item.  Students must replace the lost or damaged item at the replacement cost of the item, as indicated in the HTMS Student Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is signed by the parent and student at the beginning of each new school year. 

    Paying Fines/Fees

    Fines and fees must be paid in cash to the library.  Reciepts will be provided for lost items or by request for overdue fines. 


    If a student locates a lost item and returns it to the library during the fiscal year that it was lost, then students will be reimbursed the replacement amount paid by the student. 

    TCS Library Media Handbook

    Visit the TCS Library Media Handbook document.