Degrees and Certifications:

MA in Secondary Science Education, University of Alabama-Birmingham 1998 MS in Land Resources, Department of Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1993 BS in Biology. Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR 1985.

Kurt Kristensen

My Approach

I have been involved in secondary education since 1997 and have worked in both private (14 years) and public education (9 years). My expertise is in delivering difficult content (AP Biology, AP Environmental Science) to an oftentimes reluctant audience. I utilize a diversity of teaching techniques including lecture, lab, web-based assignments and projects to make abstract concepts both easier to understand and relatable to student’s lives. My students have been very successful in terms of passing AP exams and in pursuing science-related careers. Many of my past students are now medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, wildlife biologists, conservationists, science teachers, researchers and running environmentally related non-profits. I am very proud of each and every one of them! I look forward to working with your child and to show them the benefits of working within the fascinating field of biology. 

Personal History

Prior to becoming a teacher in 1997 I worked as a field biologist which has taken me across Africa, Central America, Asia, Alaska, and all over the west coast of the United States.  For 13 years (1997-2010) I worked at the Altamont School teaching AP Biology, AP Environmental Science and Honors Biology. While at Altamont I started the school’s recycling and gardening programs and led numerous international student trips to Belize and, in 2010, Kenya.  I have also led trips to Hawaii and the Florida Keys.

 I am originally from upstate New York and attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR, where I received my bachelor’s in biology.  I also have a master’s degree in science education from UAB and a master’s in natural resources from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My master’s research at Wisconsin brought me to Rwanda where I spent close to seven years doing forest conservation research during the tumultuous 1990's.

 I am married (24 years) to my multi-talented and extremely intelligent, epidemiologist wife, Dr. Sibylle Kristensen, who currently helps direct an international maternal-child health non-profit named One-Heart Worldwide, which is based in Nepal.  We have three children, two sons (one is a fourth year med school student at Emory in Atlanta and our other son is a chemical engineer (Georgia Tech) and is working for Eco-lab in Houston. Our daughter is a graduate of Hoover High School  (IB program) where she was the team captain for the colorguard and winterguard. She is attending Auburn (Senior this year) where she is studying wildlife science and pre vetinary medicine. She has just completed a veternary internship in SOuth Africa where she helped to dehorn Rhinos and got to work with a whole slew of exotic animals. My hobbies include both mountain and road biking, photography, and organic gardening.

 I also am one of the head coaches of Trussville's highly successful mountain bike racing team (State Champions in 2017, 2019 and 2021!) and I feel extremely lucky to have landed at HTHS and will work to ensure that we continue to have great success in the AP biology program.

  • Supply Lists

    AP Biology

    2" 3-Ring binder  

    Composition book (for class activities/Labs)

    Class Supplies:

    2 Rolls of paper towels, 1 box of tissues (class supplies)

    2 Fine point sharpies - Blue, Black, Green, or Red 



    Honors Biology

    2" 3-Ring binder (Personal)

    Class Supplies:

    Chalk markers for writing on tabletops (Expo or U-brand - get on Amazon - )

    2 Rolls of paper towels, 1 box of tissues