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Subscribing/Unsubscribing from TCS Messages/Communication

August 17, 2021

(TCS) - Have you ever received a phone call, text message or email from TCS about something that didn’t interest you – and you unsubscribed?

If so, you have unsubscribed from ALL future TCS school and district mass notifications. 
For example, if you unsubscribe from an email/text/phone call about a school’s fall festival, you’re not going to get direct notification from us about an early dismissal for severe weather.

That is because we use rapid notification software (Blackboard) that is dependent on having accurate parent/employee contact data.  

If you believe you have inadvertently unsubscribed from emails/calls  - or even have a new email address/cell number that needs to be in our system – you may contact your school’s registrar and/or follow the information below to update the student record.

Parents/Employees can opt back into:

Phone calls: Call the Blackboard Phone Hotline at "855-502-STOP (855-502-7867)" from the phone line that has been opted out.

Text (SMS) messages: Reply START to "60680" from the phone line that has been opted out for non-emergency messages. Reply START to "54968" for emergency messages.