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Hewitt-Trussville Mountain Bike Team Captures State Title

Mtn Bike Club Members - forty or so - standing in front of championship sign

(HTHS) - The Hewitt Mountain Bike Team brought home the 1st place trophy on May 2nd from the State Championship Race at Tannehill Historic State Park. The Huskies swept the entire series making them the Alabama State Champions for Division 1 for the 3rd time in 6 seasons.

The 4.1 mile state championship race course was a blend of flowing singletrack and wide doubletrack. The primary challenge facing all racers was “the hill” taking them from the Start/Finish area up to the top of the ridge and onto the singletrack trails. After ascending the climb along a wide dirt road, racers dove onto a long section of fast, flowing single track and fast descents with sharp turns. Once exiting the single track, it was a long, flat sprint of just over a mile back to the infield where hundreds of teammates, coaches, parents and spectators cheered every racer for their finish or to head out for multiple laps.

Leading the Huskies and racing 16 miles (4 laps) in Varsity Boys: Jacob Roper took 3rd, Sam Lovin – 6th,  Grayson Davis – 8th, Michael Davis – 10th,
and Zac Williams – 16th

Racing 12 miles (3 laps) in JV Boys: Dominic Anderson took 9th and William Bryant – 10th

Racing 8 miles (2 laps) for Sophomore Boys: Jase Leamon – 3rd, Cameron Crowe – 6th, James Lovin – 10th 

Racing 8 miles (2 laps) for Freshman Boys: Alex Davis – 3rd, Zeke Lockett – 6th

Racing 8 miles (2 laps) for Sophomore Girls: Savannah Fulcher – 8th

Racing 8 miles (2 laps) for Freshman Girls: Mary Ann Dukes – 10th, Shazie Bryant – 11th 

The overall series awards were also given on Sunday.

Finishing top 10 in the state for the overall series in Varsity Boys: Sam Lovin and Jacob Roper tied for 3rd, Grayson Davis – 6th, Michael Davis – 10th

JV Boys: Dominic Anderson – 8th

Sophomore Boys: Jase Leamon – 3rd, Luke Armstrong – 6th, Cameron Crow – 8th, James Lovin – 10th

Freshman Boys: Alex Davis – 4th, Zeke Lockett – 5th

Congratulations to the team, its coaches, and riders!