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5th Grade Math Team: Calculated Success!

March 12, 2021

(CES) - Cahaba Elementary's 5th Grade Math Team competed in an online competition on Wednesday, March 10, hosted by Perennial Math. Cahaba had three seperate teams competing against 5th and 6th grade teams from around the country and one team finished in 4th place!

In online competitions, the first team to enter the correct answer gets to choose the next question category such as Computation, Ratios, and Money from a Jeopardy-style board, and teams with correct answers receive points based on how quickly they were able to solve the problems. Congratulations to all of these competitors on all of their hard work so far in math team!

Student selection for Math Team is accomplished through applications.  Team members meet every Wednesday after school to sharpen their math skills. They solve challenging problems individually and with their team to prepare for competitions against other teams from around the state and around the nation. Math Team coaches are Stephanie Wilkerson and Jessica Johnston. We are so proud of all of the math team members and we’re looking forward to the next competition in May of 2021.