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Certified Therapy Dogs Set to Arrive at TCS Secondary Schools



May 6, 2021

(TCS) - 
Several years ago, before the pandemic, TCS applied to receive and home Certified Therapy Dogs from the ALSDE-sponsored program. The pandemic hit and the program was put on hold.


Late last week, HTHS and HTMS were notified the program opened back up and they were next in line for the certified therapy dogs. Both of these dogs are Labradors.


Krista DeMent (main) and Erin Piper (back up) will be the trainers from HTMS for their dog (BULLET) and Laura Stalls (main) and Amy Cane (back up) will be the trainers from the high school for their dog (SKYE). The trainers are in “training” with the dogs and graduation from the program will be Saturday, May 8, 2021.


There are multiple qualifications to receive and home the dogs and our schools met those guidelines. The schools are both thrilled they have been awarded the therapy dogs for use in their counseling/small group areas!


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