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Paine Elementary Unveils "Wellness Room"

February 23, 2021

PES - Paine Elementary School faculty and staff members have a new retreat for personal wellness - and it simply involves a walk down the hall. 

Principal Dr. Lisa Lothspeich recently announced the creation of an on-site "Wellness Room."  The school's PTO board collaborated with school administration for the space, a room outfitted with comfortable seating, low-lighting, calming music, and other accoutrements. 

"This continues to be the most challenging of years, but we are persevering and giving our students exactly what they need every single day," Dr. Lothspeich said.  "Your extreme flexibility with challenges [this school year has] not gone unnoticed."

Faculty and staff members can book sessions up to 30-minutes in length for the new wellness room.  School leaders will continue to pilot the space and make adjustments as usage increases.