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Building an Inclusive Community at PES

Inclusive Schools Week: Rebuilding an Inclusive Commnity Brick by Brick

Paine Elementary School celebrated Inclusive Schools Week December 6th - 10th. The theme of National Inclusive Schools Week this year was "Rebuilding our Inclusive Community Together", due to the challenges faced by schools during the pandemic. Each morning during announcements we discussed what it means to include others and create an environment of respect, acceptance, and celebration of what makes each of us unique.  All students engaged in two activities in the classroom during the week.

  1. Each student was provided a template of a gift box and their job was to write the individual gifts they bring to their classroom and our school.
  2. Later in the week we provided each student with a template of a brick to support the theme of rebuilding.  Each student was asked to represent what it means to include other on the brick.  Each grade level built a wall display of their bricks.  The messages on the bricks and the creativity with the displays was amazing.

Check out the photo album to the right to see the incredible creativity displayed by our students during their brick activities! 


Holly Jolly Holiday Activities: Creating Relationships through Inclusion

Special Education teacher Mrs. Matos planned a special event to celebrate the holidays that coincided with our celebration of Inclusive Schools Week. Students in Mrs. Matos, Mrs. Blank, and Paine Pre-K classes rotated to various rooms in our school where they engaged in holiday activities. These activities were facilitated by a group of HTHS students, who did an amazing job. All of Mrs. Matos, Mrs. Blank, and Paine Pre-K students were partnered with 5th Grade students who serve on our Paine Pathfinders leadership team. The 5th graders did a fantastic job assisting students with activities!


Check out the photo album to the right to see highlights from this great event!