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Lunch Guests

Lunch will be open for visitors beginning September 5, 2023.  The following guidelines must be followed to be a lunch guest:

  • All lunch visitors must check in at the front office and present a driver’s license to obtain a visitor pass.
  • All lunch guest(s) must be listed as a “contact’ in Power School or the office should be given the guests name in writing prior to their visit.
  • Space is limited, so bringing preschool students is discouraged.
  • You will be asked to wait in the office until your student’s lunchtime.
  • Guests will meet students in the hallway outside the cafeteria.
  • All guests and their students are asked to sit at the designated tables (no additional students may join you).
  • Once lunch is over, please return to the office to sign out (Classroom/Playground visits are not permitted).
  • Restaurant fast food or carbonated drinks may not be brought into the Cafeteria.