• The Trussville City Schools Foundation is now accepting applications for the MUSH Grant Program (Motivational, Unique, Strategic and Helpful)

    Purpose: To jump start INNOVATIVE teaching ideas throughout Trussville City School System.

    Award Amounts: Grants may be awarded (up to $1,000 each). Submission is open to any teacher throughout the Trussville City School System. Grants will not be awarded to athletic programs. Physical Education and Health requests will be accepted.

    Application Deadline: February 19, 2019

    Selection Criterion

    Each application will be judged based on the following criteria:

    • Project directly supports student learning.
    • Project needs to be INNOVATIVE, thinking “outside the box”.
    • Application clearly describes specific student outcomes and how success of the project will be measured.
    • Can be project support, equipment or software.
    • Everyday teaching materials such as copy paper, pencils, etc. will not be funded.
    • If you received a grant last year, you must wait until next year to apply again.
    • Budget is complete, accurate and supports proposed activities.
    • Continuous funding for a previously-funded project can only occur if the proposal requesting additional funding contains a clear, innovative educationally-sound extension of the work that was previously funded.
    • A final project report is required by the project leader if a project is funded.
    • One site visit may occur for funded projects by members of the Foundation.


    • Complete online Application here
    • You must sign in to your TCS Google account to submit an
      application.  If you need assistance logging in, contact April Chamberlain
      or Ashley Waring.
    • You will receive an email with the PDF of your application that confirms your submission.

     Next Steps

    • The application will be sent to your principal, superintendent, technology coordinator, and Curriculum and Instruction for approval which will be obtained by the Trussville City Schools Foundation.


    Grants will be awarded March 7, 2019 and all funds must be spent by April 19, 2019.


    If you have a question regarding the Grant Program, email Heather Sandier at hsandifer@tcsf.org.