About the TCS Board of Education

  • Trussville City Schools is governed by a five-member Board of Education whose members are appointed by the Trussville City Council for five-year, staggered terms. The Board typically meets in regular session at 5:00 pm on the third Monday of each month. Board Meetings are open to the public and livestreamed.  Board Meetings are held at the TCS Board of Education/Central Office located at 476 Main Street 35173.   The livestream link will be posted to the TCS Website 15 minutes before the Board Meeting begins.  Work Sessions and Special-Called Meetings are scheduled as necessary and are publicized on this website. 

    The Board and the superintendent work together to assure the best interest of the community’s children and other stakeholders of the district. Although this is a team concept, both the board and the superintendent have unique responsibilities. The Board sets the policies and the priorities; the superintendent and staff carry out those policies and priorities. Board members act as a whole and not on an individual basis.

    Protocol to address the Board


    2.05.4 Public Participation.


    A.          Any item to be placed on the agenda of a regularly scheduled Trussville City Schools Board of Education meeting shall be submitted in writing to the Superintendent’s office no later than 12:00 p.m. three (3) working days prior to the next scheduled meeting. The Trussville City Board of Education shall not take action on any proposal until such matter has been formally placed on the Board agenda; provided, however, the Board of Education may, in its absolute and sole discretion, waive this requirement and immediately proceed to suspend this rule and consider any proposal if a simple majority of its members elects to do so. Substantive action on such matters shall not be taken until sufficient consideration and/or investigation by the Board has been accomplished. The Board may, in its absolute and sole discretion, move to carry any matter on the agenda over or table any such matter for future consideration or the completion of an investigation. Copies of the tentative agenda for regular meetings shall be made available prior to the scheduled meeting. Copies of the agenda for a special meeting shall be prepared.


    B.        (1) Any delegations or individuals who wish to comment on a scheduled agenda item  must sign in before the Board meeting begins. The Board Secretary shall place the sign-in sheet for board meetings in an area that is visible and accessible by the public. The sign-in sheet to speak on agenda items shall include a place for the name(s) of the individual(s) or entity, the physical address of the individual or entity, and any other information the Board or Superintendent may deem relevant.


    (2) Any individual or representative of a delegation addressing the Board on an agenda item will be given three (3) minutes to address the Board of Education.  The Superintendent may recommend to the Board President or presiding officer that the three (3) minute limit be extended. The Board President, or presiding officer, may extend this time if, in the sole discretion of the Board President or presiding officer additional time is warranted for the Board to consider a matter.


    C.       1.         The Board encourages citizen participation at meetings for the purpose of communicating matters important to the improvement of the school district. As with any policy making body, the Board President or presiding officer  must be able to control and regulate public participation to ensure productive and orderly meetings without regarding to the topic or viewpoint expressed by citizens or other interested parties. Any specific concerns or complaints about board actions or operations may be addressed directly to the Board by written request for the matter to be placed on the agenda as described in Section (A). 


    2.         Prior to bringing an item before the Board to be placed on the agenda, any comments involving specific concerns related to instruction, discipline, or learning materials a should be addressed at levels below the Board of Education and in the following order: 

                            A. Teacher; 

    B. Designated building-level employee, if applicable (athletic director, counselor, assistant principal, etc.); 

    C. Principal; 

    D. Designated Central Office Staff Member, as determined by the Superintendent; 

    E. Superintendent; and then  

    F. the Board of Education Complaints about school personnel will be investigated by the administration prior to any consideration or actions by the Board. 


    D.        If at any time an individual or speaker engages in comments, remarks, personal attacks, or other speech or conduct that is inconsistent with the decorum and policies of the Board of Education, the Board President or presiding officer may rule the speaker out of  order.  If the individual or speaker does fail to redirect or alter his or her comments and continues in the same or similar speech or conduct, then the Board President may terminate the individual or speaker’s remaining time allotted.


    E.         Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to waive or otherwise the Board of Education from taking any additional action as may be permitted by federal or state law.



    Public Hearings

    The board conducts public hearings on specific topics from time to time. These hearings provide additional opportunities for public comment on such items as the budget. Notices about public hearings are published on the system's website.

    In accordance with Alabama Sunshine Law, the board may meet privately in executive session to discuss good name and character or certain legal matters that are in compliance with Alabama law. Legal Counsel provides appropriate documentation necessary for the Board to enter Executive Session.

    Board Appointments

    Board members are appointed to a 5-year term. They are volunteers who serve without pay. Trussville’s City Council appoints board members when a position is vacant. Interviews are coordinated through City Hall. Board members serve staggered terms, so there are always experienced members on the board.

    Meeting Minutes

    Minutes of the Board Meetings are found on this page of our website following the meeting in which they are approved.