• March 1, 2023 Called Board Meeting

    1.  Consent Agenda approved with items including Facility Usage Agreements, amended and new field trips, elementary Cost/Contribution/Donation sheets, and geotechnical engineering services

    2.  Amended Board Policy 2.05.4 Public Participation placed on the table for a 1st reading

    3.  Personneldisci

    4.  Executive Session to receive a report on a student discipline matter , one student discipline hearing and for Good Name and Character

    5. Reconvene for vote on student discipline

    6. Dr. Holly Sutherland Interview

    7.  Adjournment



    February 27 Superintendent Candidate Interviews

    Dr. John Barge - https://youtu.be/GyVsHFdMupQ  

    Dr. Kevin Maddox - https://youtu.be/X06YOoinwrY


    February 28 Superintendent Candidate Interviews

    Dr. Bart Reeves - https://youtu.be/w95Sz2pmIQE

    Mr. Tony Willis - https://youtu.be/ucM3WTFN134


    March 1 Superintendent Candidate Interview

    Dr. Holly Sutherland - https://youtu.be/G9gds2HmZ3g



    February 13, 2023 

    School System Snapshot:   2023 Edition


    February 13, 2023 Work Session

    1.  Welcome

    2.  Presentation of Superintendent Finalists by Dr. Barber

    3.  Discussion of Hewitt-Trussville High School 2023-24 schedule

    4.  Hewitt-Trussville High School Summer School Proposal

    5.  Information shared on Parent Meetings

    6.  Amendment to Lathan Contract

    7.  AASB release of School System Snapshot (see posted School System Snapshot above)


    February 23, 2023 Board Meeting

    1.  City Council Liaison Update

    2.  Consent Agenda approved including Work Session Record and Board Minutes for January 23, 2023, AP Classes, Amendment 1 to Lathan Contract for new classroom addition, field trips, Upder $50,000 Project for running track repairs, contract for theater, Faith by DEsign contract, Bid 21-01 renewal, Facility Usage agreements, HTHS summer school schedule/cost, geotechnical for HTHS Classroom addition, EDF's, and annual sophos subscription license renewal

    3.  Personnel

    4.  New Business - 1st reading for contributions/cost sheets for elementary school

    5.  Hearing of Delegations

    6.  Adjournment



    Presentation by Dr. Barber on Superintendent Search Community Input

    CLICK HERE to see the presentation


    Board Meeting - January 23, 2023

    1.  Recognition of School Board Member Appreciation Month

    2.  Recognition of Anne Stewart Rogers (student), TCS Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year, Elementary and Secondary Bus Drivers of the Year, and April Smith as National Presidential Foundation of Science and Math finalist

    3. Consent Agenda approval to include:  financials for December 2022, Work Session and Board Minutes for December 12, 2022,  3.16 CNP policy, 2023-24 System Calendar, facility usage agreements, storm shelter opener, Change Order for tennis courts,

         geotechnical engineering services agreement, fire alarm system, Concord Theatrical Musicals, change in rate of pay for substitute nurses, copier leases and software for HTHS, contracts for technology, equipment disposition forms and Global Seal of

         Biliteracy credential. 

    4. Personnel

    5. Update on Superintendent Search

    6.  Hearing of Delegations 

    7.  Executive Session for Pending Litigation

    8.  Adjournment



    Work Session - January 23, 2023

    1.  Discuss hourly rate change for substitute RN's

    2.  Hear presentation for possible AP Classes at HTHS (AP Pre-Calculus and AP Capstone)

    3.  Dr. Micheal Barber's presentation on Superintendent Community Engagement Meetings and Survey



    Board Meeting - December 12, 2022

    1. Recognition of Foundation Grant winners from HTHS, local school teachers of the Year, AEA's Be a Champion and Read winner Caleb Woods and Hewitt-Trussville MIddle School Girls Bowling Team as Metro Champions

    2. Consent Agenda to include approval of the following:   financial information for October and November 2022, Board Minutes, board policy, field trips, installation of LED lighting, Concord Theatrical agreement, facility usage agreements, Milk Bid,

         employee research request, track striping, bus bid, organizational review proposal, amandment to Lathan Architects contract, soccer officals contract, Book Systems for Atriuum and Booktracks, Bid for TCS Athletic Turf Chemical application and MOA with

         University of West Alabama.

    3.  Personel Approval

    4.  New Business:  discussion of Superintendent Search to include salary qualifications, introduction of Dr. Michael Barber, amend contract for Dr. Neill, place board Policy 3.16 Procurements and Charged Meals and 2023-24 system calendar on the table

    5.  Hearing of Delegations

    6.  Executive Session to receive a report on a student discipline matter and for a student discipline hearing

    7.  Vote on student discipline hearing 

    8.  Adjournment


    Work Session - December 12, 2022

    1. Advanced Placement and Global Seal information for HTHS

    2. 2nd Semester Preliminary Changes to lunch 

    3. Board Policy Renew on Canine Search, Use of Video Surveillance, TEachers as Bus Drivers and CNP Procurements and Charged Meals

    4. Organizational Review

    5. Draft 2023-24 School Calendar

    6. Research Requests for employees

    7. Milk Bid and Bus Bid Discussion

    8. Facilities update on installation of lighting and track striping



    Board Meeting Update – November 28, 2022

    1. Student Discipline Hearing
    2. Consent Agenda to approve a field trip, salary schedule for hs graduate substitutes, and an agreement for VMWare
    3. Board Discussion on the Search for a Superintendent
    4. Approval of contract for using AASB for the Superintendent Search
    5. Approval of personnel to include resignations, extra service agreements and a long-term substitute
    6. Adjournment


    Work Session – November 10, 2022

    1. Paine Elementary Service Dog – Blanche
    2. Policy Review (Canine Search, Use of Video Surveillance Equipment, Substitute Teacher, Teachers as Bus drivers, Code of Student Conduct)
    3. HTMS A+ School of Excellence Recognition
    4. Facilities Report (New Athletic Pavilion and Turf Fields, Little Free Library at HTMS, Change Orders and Engineering Survey)
    5. Reorganization Study Discussion


    Board Meeting – November 10, 2022

    1. Recognized HTHS Marching Band
    2. Consent Agenda approved (included minutes, field trips, facility agreements, bid renewals, insurance, survey, agreements (pavilion and turf) and change order
    3. Personnel Approved
    4. New Business (Place policy on table for Use of Video Surveillance Equipment and Canine Searches)
    5. Hearing of Delegations (no delegations to speak)
    6. Executive Session for the purpose of a Student Hearing and an Employee Conference
    7. Adjournment



    November 1, 2022 - Called Board Meeting

    • Executive Session
    • Discussion of Amending the contract of Dr. Pattie Neill
    • Approval of amending the contract of Dr. Pattie Neill
    • Approve Frank P. Costanzo, Ed.D. as Interim Superintendent of Trussville City Schools
    • Adjournment


    October 17, 2022 - Board Meeting

    • Recognition of the 7th grade football team for winning the Metro South Championship and recognition of Terrence Gillespie named Metro South 7th grade Coach of the Year
    • Approval of Consent Agenda including minutes, contracts, field trips, facility usage, equipment disposition forms, and renewal of site licenses
    • Placed an amended Job Description for Speech Language Pathologist on the table for a 1st reading
    • Approved personnel to include resignations, employments, supplements, degree changes, extra service agreements, reassignments and substitutes.
    • Hearing of Delegations
    • Executive Session
    • Adjournment

    October 17, 2022 Work Session

    • Chief Rush presentation on safety
    • Safety Protocols and Procedures
    • Communication (superintendent, board, parent/teacher, students)
    • Assistant Superintendents and Athletic Director Reports
    • Principal Reports


    October 13, 2022

    • Discussion of Acting Superintendent Contract
    • Approval of contract for Dr. Frank Costanzo to serve as Acting Superintendent of TCS


    October 4, 2022 Called Board Meeting

    Acting Superintendent Search

    Discussion: External Search

    • Candidates from AASB
    • Vote taken for Mark Sims and Sherrye Tolbert to interview candidates


    • Emails active for board members
    • The school board website page is being developed for meeting updates
    • Working to set up Parent Advisory Committee
    • Board Members to visit schools


    • Chief Rush contacted
    • Swipe card access given to all TPD
    • Meeting set with Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham in regards to mental health and bullying
    • Chief Rush will attend Oct. 17 Board Work Session

    Independent Investigator:

    • Investigator contacted and conflict checking